Frequently Asked Questions
  1. I don’t like “feng shui style.” Do I have to use wind chimes & crystals to have feng shui? 

  2. First of all, feng shui is not a style. It is a system of arranging your environment. It can be used with any style of decor from Victorian to Spanish Colonial to Contemporary.

  3. Secondly, Elizabeth’s goal is that your place looks as great as it feels.  And third, never have anything in your home you don’t like! This is about you & your style!

  4. I’m tired! Does my home have to be clean and perfect before a consultation?

  5. Put your feet up and call Elizabeth. It’s best for her to see your home in an ‘as is’ condition because that’s how you really live. Rest assured that she has seen worse! Plus, a Space Lift can help with your energy level.

  6. I want to renovate my living room. Should I wait until it’s finished before a consultation? 

  7. Do you buy a new wardrobe before you go on a diet? No! Because you don’t want to have everything altered after the diet. If you’re fortunate enough to have the option, it’s best to have a consultation before a renovation to put the solutions right into the project rather than fixing things afterward. Plus, with Elizabeth’s experience in pre-construction planning, you could save on construction costs by receiving suggestions that might be otherwise missed.

  8. Isn’t ‘going green’ expensive?

  9. Going green can actually save you lots of money! Since most eco-friendly steps reduce electricity and waste, you’ll find a nice return of your investment. And some green steps are free (like simply turning off lights when you leave the room!).

  10. Where do I start the Bagua/Energy Map?

  11. Lay (or superimpose) the bottom of the map along the line of your front door.  An easy way to remember is that by standing in your front door facing in, your Wealth Area is always in the far left hand corner and your Love Area is always in the far right hand corner of your home.

  12. Which one is my front door?

  13. Your front door is the door guests go to the first time they visits your home.

  14. Do I need a compass to know my direction?

  15. Elizabeth’s is a Certified Black Hat Sect Feng Shui Consultant. In the Black Hat Sect, all energy enters through the front door so no compass directions or birth dates are necessary.

  Is feng shui a religion?

  1. No! This is sometimes a misunderstanding due to the fact that feng shui originated in countries whose practitioners were Buddhists, Taoists or Hindu. Most of the teachers and authors of feng shui simply continued the tradition of their masters. You can use any icon of your choosing to enhance your own spiritual experience. It’s about expressing and enhancing your personal passions. But is it a religion of worship? No.

  2. If I have a feng shui consultation, am I going to have to buy all new things for my house?

  3. Many clients simply rearrange their interiors with existing items. Elizabeth may suggest some alternatives that you can purchase when your budget allows.

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