In feng shui, it all starts with the Bagua Energy Map. Separated into nine distinct areas, this map is superimposed over a floor plan to reveal where specific energy resides. The goal is to have all areas enhanced to balance the ‘self’ in the center.

To the left is Space Lift’s version of a Bagua Energy Map which has been simplified for westerner’s use.

To apply, first sketch your floor plan. Then superimpose the map over your floor plan by aligning the bottom of the map along the line of your front floor. ‘Stretch’ the edges of the map to the top and sides of your floor plan. Unless your place is a perfect square or rectangle, some areas might stick out (yeah, you have ‘extra!’) while some might  be ‘missing.’

It can be difficult to figure this out if you have an unusually shaped home or office. This is why people call a professional!

Click here for a Customized Bagua Map

superimposed over your floor plan.

Bagua Energy Map
the essential tool of feng shui
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Crystals amplify and disburse energy evenly. You can try a color that matches the Bagua Area where you will hang it, or use a clear crystal in any area.

30MM size (as shown above) is best.