To have a lush garden, a gardener plants the sun-loving flowers in the sunny spots and shade-loving flowers in the shady spots. Otherwise, she’ll have a wilted garden that drains energy, time and money.

The five elements work in a similar manner...each element has a place that helps you to flourish and a place that drains you.

To create balance in your home or workspace, all five elements must be represented. If they are missing or in the wrong location, you may experience frustrations, conflicts and unnecessary struggles.

The Five Elements
the easiest way to understand it...

In the Constructive Cycle...

Water feeds wood

Wood fuels fire

Fire ashes create earth

Earth minerals create metal

Metal condensation creates water

In the Destructive Cycle...

Water puts out fire

Fire melts metal

Metal cuts wood

Wood breaks up the earth

Earth muddies water

Five Elements of Feng Shui

Constructive Cycle

Five Elements of Feng Shui

Destructive Cycle

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