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Hidden Messages in Water

Evidence that Feng Shui works

This one’s for the skeptics, the nay-sayers and Doubting Thomas’. Maybe that’s not you, but a loved one who likes tangible proof. Skeptics love proof. They say things like ‘the proof is in the pudding’ and ‘where’s the beef?’ Apparently, they like proof and food, so here’s something for them to snack on.

Enter Exhibit A: The research of Dr. Masaru Emoto in his book “The Hidden Messages in Water.”

Dr. Emoto, a Japanese scientist, invented a way to photograph water crystals as they are freezing. He took water samples from around the world and photographed them before and after they had been influenced by words of intention, prayers or music. Some were positive influences, some were negative. The results were astounding.

The water samples that were given positive, loving influences transformed into beautiful, clear, complex crystals. The negatively influenced water became asymmetrical, dull in color and sickly.

Remember, our bodies are made of 70% water! Your positive thoughts can change the water in your body, and in essence, you. Consciously surrounding yourself with positive influences can have a profound effect on your life.

Imagine the difference between coming home from another day of slaying dragons and thinking, “Ugg, this place needs so much work, but right now I’m exhausted,” as opposed to “Ah, yes, my oasis.” These thoughts affect not only your state of mind but your body…and it’s 70% of water! How about jump starting the process by changing the entry view from a waste station for bills and junk mail into a happy greeting of flowers and positive artwork?

Many people feel they must wait for that elusive someday, when everything is perfect, when they win the lotto and Jupiter aligns with Mars before consciously changing their surroundings to reflect their goals. From this fresh perspective, can you see how backward that thinking is? You change your surroundings in order for your ship to come in, not the other way around!

Don’t wait, start today to create an environment that reflects your goals and personal ideals.

Improve your sleep quality and overall health

Remove some of the EMF's from your bedroom


Raise your hand if you have a TV in your bedroom. And a DVD player? How about (yikes) a computer? Let’s see what else is in there…an electric alarm clock, a cordless phone, a CD player, a cell phone in its charger, a window unit air conditioner, maybe a fan? And some of you have a fountain, a treadmill, an aquarium and other sundry plug-ins.

Okay, you need lamps to see. And you have to wake up on time, so you need the alarm clock. But do you need it be so close to your body? How about moving the alarm clock across the room (then you’ll really get up).  That cell phone can be charged up in the kitchen overnight. Simple way to enhance the romance?  Get the boob tube out of the boudoir.

Keep electrical appliances as far away from your body as possible to improve your sleep quality and overall health. If an appliance must stay in the bedroom, try to keep it at least six feet away from your body.

Why? Electro Magnetic Fields. EMF's. They are odorless, tasteless, invisible pollutants. A decade of research supports the fact that EMF’s are linked to mild health concerns like fatigue and tension as well as much deadlier disease states like cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.

There is a substantial, growing body of scientific evidence that suggests significant, potentially adverse biological effects associated with EMF's. So do yourself a favor and keep them away from your body especially for extended periods of time such as a night’s worth of sleep.  This is even more essential for children’s growing bodies.

If you have an electric blanket, consider yourself warned!

Clutter Clearing Results
Sometimes it’s about the little things

Last Sunday, Julie decided to conquer the clutter in her home office/guest room which falls in the Travel & Helpful People Area of her home. She cleared three garbage bags worth of dead files, old catalogs and assorted gee-jaw. She also had a friend come over to finally fix her computer. She purged, cleared and deleted anything useless. Everything was cleaned up and running smoothly by day’s end.
Monday morning Julie had the dreaded chore of a trip to the Social Security office. As long as she was getting things cleared, it was time to finally get her ex-husband’s last name off her record. After all, they’ve been divorced for nine years and, other than the IRS, she hasn’t been called Mrs. Smlykzcakvkski since the 1996 Pulaski Fest.
By the time Julie got to the Social Security office at 9:30am, there were already about a hundred people ahead of her. You know the scene--along the back wall, into the hallway…cranky people everywhere. Julie walked up to the ticket dispenser to grab her number. 132. The sign above said they were helping number 51. Great, she sighed as she walked to the door trying to decide whether or not to stay.
Just then a girl tapped her shoulder and said, “Do you want my number? I can’t wait any longer.” The girl handed Julie the ticket for number 54. They called 52, 53 and 54 in quick succession, but the other two got stuck at terminals with computers that went down in the middle of their transactions. Julie was bingbangboom done and officially back to her maiden name by the time her “Helpful Person” exited the parking lot.
Practicing Feng Shui isn’t just for huge, sweeping changes. Sometimes it’s about the little things…like Helpful Person Number 54.
Tip #1: Clear more clutter
Tip #2: Stop buying clutter
Tip #3: Don’t take the name Smlykzcakvkski

Set All Clocks to the Accurate Time


So you think you’re pretty clever by having the alarm clock by your bed set ten minutes ahead and the one on the oven set seven minutes ahead. You reason that it gets you going in the morning. Never mind the fact that the mantle clock in the living room is stuck on daylight savings time and the cuckoo from Aunt Minnie stopped working last March (not to mention the blinking 12:00 on the DVD player.)

Wanna know what’s going on from a Feng Shui perspective?

It depends on where the area falls on the Bagua Energy Map, the essential tool for FengShui. Let’s say the bedroom is in the Love Area and the clock is set ten minutes ahead. Maybe you are always rushing relationships. Pushing your partner before they are ready. “Hurry up. Let’s go!”

Maybe the one in the living room falls in the Wealth Area…and it’s an hour late. Do checks take awhile to get to you? Are people slow to make decisions regarding your business?

And what about Aunt Minnie’s cuckoo? Hmm, what if that is in the Travel & Helpful People Area. Are you stuck doing everything alone? Do people bypass you and recommend others? Is traffic and travel unnecessarily a burden? Or do you feel like you never go anywhere.

Set all of your clocks (watches & calendars, too!) to the accurate time. It might take a short while to get used to, but it will make everything flow better. You and all members of the household will be on time and in the moment rather than sluggish or rushing.

Windows are the Eyes of the Home

In Feng Shui terms, windows are considered the eyes of the home because they help you see your opportunities. From that perspective, it’s pretty important to have a positive view and to keep your windows clean and clear of obstruction.

You probably have a nice scene out of most of your windows. But let’s say there is a brick wall outside your bedroom window and your bedroom happens to be in the Wealth Area. Maybe this dead-end feeling could be fixed with a flower box or a painting on the wall.

Maybe the spectacle of your neighbor’s trash bins is outside your breakfast nook in the Self-knowledge & Spirituality Area of your home. Perhaps the bleak feeling it creates can be remedied with a plant between you and the bins.

And what about those dirty windows that strain the view from your living room in the Career Area? How about a little Windex to let the light shine in!

So here are the basics:

  1.  Make sure your windows open freely and close with ease.

  2. Keep your windows clean and clear with unbroken glass.

  3.  Clear any removable obstacles that block your view (bushes, branches and furniture).

  4.  Create a positive view on or between any non-removable obstacles.

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Replace all Burned-out Light Bulbs
“Duh, what a no brainer.”  Well, Feng Shui uses a lot of common sense, but that doesn’t mean we always follow it. 
From a Feng Shui perspective, burnt bulbs symbolize a loss of energy. That light bulb is an energy source that’s not working and you have been too lazy to get it going again. “I’ve gotta get to that. Saturday. Yeah, I’ll do it Saturday.”  And then one Saturday turns into a month of Saturday’s and the bulb is still a goner. It’s amazing how long we can walk past burned out bulbs and not even notice them anymore. Or worse, wait for more to pop so we can change them all at the same time. (You know who you are!)
Let’s add another layer to this. What if the fixture is in the Wealth Area? You might have dark days financially. The Love Area? Things can look pretty dim. Or the Creativity Area? No little bulb lights up over your head.
Go ahead, shine some light on the subject. See things clearly. Amp up the energy. Change those bulbs!
Dried Flowers & Potpourri Symbolize Death
There is an essential energy that animates all living things.  Indians call it prana. The Chinese call it chi. Westerners call it life force, bio-energy or just plain energy. 
Flowers are a great example of healthy energy. However, after they are cut, there is a relatively short time before they turn from a symbol of life and beauty to a symbol of death because the energy is gone. Solution: toss ‘em.
Sadly, one of the biggest tragedies of the dead flower variety is the sweet bride saving her wedding bouquet. She hangs it upside down ‘til there is no life left and then displays the carcass on the shelf, wistfully remembering the day when the youthful dew was on the rose.
For the bride, her dead flowers might be in the bedroom, bringing death energy into a room that should be used only for sleep, rest and making love.
But what if the dead flowers (or plants or potpourri) are in the Career Area? Maybe clients and career opportunities are drying up. Or the Family & Health Area? Yikes! I said toss ’em!
Fresh flowers bring wonderful life force to any area of your home. Just remember, it’s up to you to notice the expiration date.

Turn Down the News to Turn Up Your Prosperity

tips for today’s economy

In 1933, during darkest days of the Great Depression, FDR told Americans “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” For some reason I always thought that he meant we should be brave in the face of our enemies. After all, Hitler was coming into full power and evil loomed.

It’s now clear that FDR was talking about fear’s infringement of our own hearts and minds. Nothing shoves a stick in the spokes quite like Fear. It shifts our focus from hope into a crippling sense of doom. Fear stops the wheels turning and halts all gears. Eventually, it’s like trying to start peddling a bicycle up a steep hill.

We now live in a multimedia age of 24/7 news. Bad news. Why? Because good news doesn’t sell advertising.

So, what does this have to do with your home, decorating or feng shui?

Tuning your tv to the bad news channels radiates fear throughout it’s audio range. The magazines and newspapers on your coffee table are heralding stories of financial gloom. Sit at your desk to click on your homepage and BAM, bad news strikes again. Walking around your home with this end-of-days feeling eventually leads to a heavy, nasty energy that creates a home that acts as quicksand rather than a launch pad toward your goals and aspirations.

Turn off the news, pitch the periodicals and tune into joy. Then create your own network of happiness and gratitude.

•Listen to inspiring podcasts on your computer and load them onto your MP3 players

•Set your internet homepage to an uplifting site

•Read only inspirational stories

•Use your DVR to record happy, funny, useful, inspiring and positive programs. Yes, they are out there!

“But Elizabeth, I need to stay informed!” Trust me, you will still overhear plenty of news. You will simply have a filter for the fire hose of information that hits you each day.

Like attracts like. Positive thoughts, words and actions attract more of the same. Why not reinforce the positive by removing the negative items in your home, and adding positive ones.

If we all think, act and yes, decorate, as if everything is improving everyday, it will.

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