Thanks, Elizabeth!

Feng Shui

“At the time that Elizabeth came to consult with me, my family was stuck. Stuck financially and emotionally. Her expertise and advice worked miracles.

Within 2 months, my husband got a promotion and we moved to a wonderful community that has enriched our family beyond expectations. I don't know what I would have done without her.

A person would be foolish not to have her involved in their life. She is so valuable to me that I keep her on 'speed dial'.”

Suzanne Wilcox

Upper Arlington, OH

Feng Shui

“My husband and I immediately saw positive results in all areas of our lives after Elizabeth did a Feng Shui consultation for us. We gathered so much valuable information from her that we continue to use daily.

She is truly an expert in her field.”

Leila Sbitani

New York, NY

Feng Shui . Space Clearing


Please notice that today is 8-1-05. Our consultation was 7-1-05. I am in love!  I'm tellin ya, ever since that Space Clearing and your visit, my life just HAS NOT BEEN THE SAME!!!!  He's ruggedly handsome, kind, thoughtful, loving man - AND he said I LOVE YOU first! 

Life has just started for me and at age 51 and I feel so blessed! I am so happy all of the time that my nickname here at work is: SUNSHINE! Elizabeth, between God and my new-found Feng Shui secrets, my life has totally turned around.


Sincerely a FAN of yours,

Marie Koetje

Grand Rapids, MI

Green Design . Remodeling

“I remodeled my home and was lucky enough to have found Elizabeth to shepherd through the project. She is a very talented designer who has it all: creativity, smarts, and taste.

Elizabeth is also a terrific problem-solver. She designed marvelous rooms for my home that are as comfortable as they are beautiful.

Elizabeth also brought a vast knowledge of green products as well as great working relationships with green vendors. She helped source materials through her network of contacts saving me a great deal of time and money.

Elizabeth has a true commitment to her work. She’s a warm and delightful person who kept me on an even keel through what could have been a very stressful experience. It was a pleasure working with her and I hope to have another opportunity to do so.”

Hali Paul

Sherman Oaks, CA

Remodeling . Interior Redesign

"I recommend Elizabeth as an interior decorator based on the work she did for my extensive home renovation.

She helped create and implement my vision but included her own expertise and impeccable taste that made my home turn out even more incredible.

She is extremely trustworthy and reliable and works well with others in the process."

Meg Goebel

Grand Rapids, MI

Design Consultations

“I have worked alongside Elizabeth on a project in Hancock Park and Elizabeth has frequently purchased from me at Baker Furniture. Having seen her designs and recognized her talent, I have had no hesitation in recommending Elizabeth to various clients, particularly as regards her knowledge of Feng Shui and her ability to create comfortable, peaceful and stylish interiors.

She is a consummate professional who displays high levels of energy and dedication on every project I have seen her work on. These attributes along with her warm and witty personality make Elizabeth a wonderful choice as a designer and/or Feng Shui consultant. Of particular note are her excellent webisodes that feature Elizabeth giving useful design tips and decorating advice!”

Paul Templesman-Holmes

Los Angeles, CA

Feng Shui . Redesign

“I downsized from a 3-bedroom apartment in New York City, to a 1-bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. Elizabeth helped me design the space, give it a good feng shui, and all at a great price.

I'm upsizing soon to a 2-bedroom apartment with my new partner, and I can hardly wait to hire Elizabeth again!”

Scott Cargle

Culver City, CA

Space Clearing

"I just completed space clearing in my new home and what a difference! After the clearing of the very first area of the bagua, I felt an incredible lightness immediately. Now that it's completed, this apartment feels so light it might float away.

I've done this before and still can't believe what an immediate energy shift I feel. I have to say that I am truly amazed. Thank you for the information."


Ami Rothschild

New York, NY

Feng Shui

"My husband and I moved into our first home and were very excited.  We hired Elizabeth to Feng Shui our home to start us off on the right foot.  Good thing we asked, our marriage section was missing! It was our back patio, not part of the house.  Elizabeth had us create a space outside to represent our Marriage Section.  So far so good.  We just celebrated our 10th Anniversary!"

Sharisse Bernard

Los Angeles, CA

Home Staging

Dear Elizabeth:

I am writing this letter to you to show my deep gratitude for the efforts that you put forth in staging my home for sale last spring.

From the very outset of the process of marketing my home, your talent, insight, flexibility, caring and dedication were astounding. You chose colors for the interior paint. You gave advice that was elemental and essential to my prepping the interior of the house and doing so while saving money. Your taste in utilizing all the furnishings available to me was critical. 

From the front door of the house, through that bear of a kitchen, to the backyard, the landscaping, the guest house and the finished garage, you were the reason I was able to have the house photographed in 7 days and on the market in 9 days. 

Essentially, the hours you spent at the house (hanging drapes, moving furniture, experimenting with ideas, finding the best answer to everything) the direction that you gave me and the choices you made were the reason that my house received 7 offers in three days and closed in 5 weeks. All this, at a time in the Los Angeles housing market when the average time a house spent on the market went from 39 days to 150 days.

I will continue to recommend you, highly, to all that can hear me.  Simply put, your efforts made a difficult job easy to do and do exceptionally well.

All the best,

James Aidan McCaffrey

Los Angeles, CA

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